Be a beach babe with ulta3

Summer Goddess Collection captures the feeling of the Aussie surf, sand and sunshine.

Warmer temperatures usually see bronzed skin become part of most people’s make-up routines. Make sure the beach bag is equipped for après soleil glam with the limited-edition ulta3 Body Glow Oil – to help create the illusion of healthy, glowing skin.

Ulta3 Body Glow Oil contains a unique blend of jojoba, wheat germ and grape seed oils, which soothe and nourish thirsty, sun-kissed skin.

Ulta3 Body Glow Oil also provides a hint of colour and shimmer, while the refreshing scent of ‘mai tai’ and dash of coconut will linger on well after the sun sets. Ulta3 Summer Goddess Collection also includes Brand Ambassador Elyse Knowles’ favourite summer make-up essentials, such as the versatile Big Bronzer – a deluxe-sized bronzing powder suitable for face and body, as well as five of the brightest and best-selling Nail Polish hues, including ‘atomic oj’, ‘fruit tingle’, ‘Tahiti’, ‘natural’ and ‘lily white’.

Turn up the heat a little higher with four Moisturising Lipsticks in neutral shades including ‘nude kisses’, ‘soft toffee’, ‘timeless’ and ‘peaches’.

RRP: ulta3 Body Glow Oil, $12.95, Big Bronzer, $9.95, Nail Polish, $2.30, Moisturising Lipsticks, $3.95.
Stockist inquiries: 1800 181 040.