Health Destination ‘pharmacies of the future’ achieving success

unnamedAn innovative, whole-of-business program transforming pharmacies is delivering effective healthcare services and improving consumer engagement, according to new independent analysis by the PSA.

Geelong-based Peak Pharmacies’ Bellarine Village pharmacist Greg Porte speaks to a customer. His pharmacy has embraced the ‘Health Destination Pharmacy’ program.
The evidence-based ‘Health Destination Pharmacy’ program has successfully repositioned pharmacists as healthcare providers and empowered pharmacies to provide high-quality healthcare in their communities.

Along with offering greater access to pharmacist care and professional services, Health Destination pharmacies across Australia are outperforming other pharmacies by more than three times.

“The results from the program, which is tailored to individual pharmacies and the communities they serve, highlights that pharmacies investing in the whole-of-business solution are delivering more consumer-focused care,” PSA Executive Director Policy, Advocacy and Innovation and Dr Alison Roberts said.

Since the program began in October 2015, Health Destination pharmacies achieved a 6.4 per cent increase in average sales compared with the same period last year – well above the industry average of 1.8 per cent growth, the independent analysis showed.

Dr Roberts said the program contained all the key elements proven to work to achieve better consumer engagement, with the added benefit of generating financial results for pharmacies.

“This program is all about enabling pharmacists to do what they do best and what we know consumers want – to be accessible to provide evidence-based advice and assistance on minor ailments and medication management,” she said. “It’s no surprise that when they do this well, it’s also good for business.

“It’s very exciting for Health Destination pharmacies to see that, in only six months, they’re already getting genuine results for consumers and their businesses.

“These results reinforce that the program works, but we don’t always expect to see success so quickly. It’s a credit to the pharmacists and their teams working hard on change and being supported by our expert coaches through this program.

“This is the ‘pharmacy of the future’, as it’s about focusing on community needs and working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, particularly GPs. Pharmacists participating in the program are reporting positive feedback from GPs, consumers and healthcare organisations.”

Dr Roberts said that while many Australian pharmacies were experiencing revenue decline, Health Destination pharmacies were seeing improvements in business viability and sustainability.

PSA National President Joe Demarte said: “The latest Health Destination results speak for themselves. This unique program is informed and endorsed by multiple industry-leading experts in each area of pharmacy change, bringing together the best of the best in a tried and tested program.

“Importantly, the program supports pharmacies to build a viable, value-adding business platform to ensure their future sustainability.”