Knock spots off

Leading dermo-cosmetic brand Avène has launched Cleanance Expert, the newest addition to its comprehensive Cleanance range targeting acne-prone skin. It’s a common misconception that acne only affects adolescents as almost half of the adult population suffer from acne, too. Contributing factors include hormonal fluctuations, stress, exposure to sun and cosmetics – all of which are difficult to avoid.

Cleanance Expert is designed to target blackheads and spots. Clinically proven to limit the risk of bacterial proliferation, it helps eliminate blemishes and mattifies the skin. It is very well tolerated by sensitive skin and is paraben and phenoxyethanol free. Cleanance Expert is an ideal targeted care for acne-prone skin. Apply morning and/or evening to the face after using Cleanance Cleansing Gel for optimal results. Cleanance Expert can be used alone, or in combination with topical medical treatments.


RRP: Cleanance Expert Emulsion 40ml, $26.95, Cleanance Cleansing Gel 200ml, $24.95.
Stockist inquiries: 1800 393 620.